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P.E.T.E. – Personal Embouchure Trainer that helps condition the embouchure muscles

Solexa Thumbport – aids in right hand position, especially those with long fingers

Tonal Energy App – great tuner and metronome app for iPhone and iPad

Silver Anti-Tarnish Strips – use these to prevent tarnishing on your flute

Lip Grip Plates – keeps the flute from slipping on your chin

How a Flute is Made – Check out this video showing the ins and outs of how they make flutes.


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  1. dexterurbane

    Hi Rachelle,

    I thought you might be interested in my iPhone app, RTTATuner (, which allows you to check your performance intonation while playing naturally.

    As you will be aware, blowing a note while looking at the tuner display is not a good indication of how the note will be played in practice. With RTTATuner, you instead press record, play some music or scales, and the average mistuning and mistuning range for each played note will be displayed on a graph that is updated in real time.

    The RTTA technique was invented by Irish flutemaker Terry McGee, and has become popular among the Irish flute crowd and instrument makers. I think, though, that it will also prove to be a good learning tool for Boehm/classical flute players – and actually for a wide range of musicians.

    I play baroque and Irish flutes, and am also an amateur flute maker.

    Thanks for your time,

    Dan Gordon

    • Thanks, Dan. That looks really cool. I will check it out. I’m always looking at cool stuff I can use with my students. I’ve heard of Terry McGee. Some on my students have been interested in learning Irish flute, and I came across him during my searches. Very cool and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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