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2012 Texas High School All-Region Etudes Announced

Flute Etudes Book, Mary Karen Clardy, European American Music Corp. or Schott

Etude 1:
Page 14-15, E Minor, Elegie-Etude
Tempo: Quarter note 56 – 66
Play: m. 9 to m. 33-1st note
Errata: m. 7 and m. 32, beat 4 should be marked as a septuplet..
m. 13, the dynamic marking mf should be placed one note later- after the breath mark (posted 7/20/2012)
m. 19, the dynamic marking of p, should be placed one note later after the breath mark(posted 7/20/2012)
m. 30, the fourteenth and fifteenth notes should be G# and F-natural like in the upper octave.
m. 33 there should be D#’s and A naturals in both octaves on beats 3 and 4. (revised 7/20/2012)
In m . 11 – PICCOLO – play the 6th through 8th notes and the 21st through 23rd notes up an octave (posted 7/20/2012)
M. 18 and M. 20 – sharp on the note 8 in the measure (D#). (posted 7/20/2012)
M. 19 D# should be in all octaves so an accidental should be applied to the 5th,12th and 16th notes of the measure. (posted 8/2/2012)
M. 21 – needs a sharp on note 7 in the measure (C#).

Etude 2:
Page 68-69, Eb Major, Op. 80 / 3
Tempo: Quarter note 48 – 60
Play: Beginning to m. 42 (no repeats, take second ending)
Errata: M. 20 – The C-flat is as marked on beat one. There is no error. (posted 8/2/2012)

Etude 3:
Page 37, B Major, Op. 30 / 11
Tempo: Dotted quarter note 54 – 72
Play: Beginning to end (no repeats)
Errata: The second ending is incorrectly marked as measure 17. It is actually the second half of measure 16, but the music can be numbered after this acknowledging this error.


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