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So You Want to be a Music Major?

Choosing a college or university can be an overwhelming task: tests, grades, applications, auditions… Wait, did you say auditions? That’s right. If you want to be a Music Major, you’ll have to prepare about a 10 minute audition. Each university has their own requirements, so I’m listing some standard information that will help you prepare.

If you want to earn potential music scholarships, make sure you audition early. If you wait until the summer to audition, most likely, all the scholarships will have been handed out. Most auditions take place in the early part of the year (January or February) for the upcoming Fall semester. Preparation ahead of that is vital to a successful audition.

Most Universities Require:

* All Major Scales plus Chromatic for the range of the instrument (Some universities require memorization of scales)

* Two Pieces or Movements in contrasting style from standard repertoire (includes UIL Solo list). Examples include solos you’ve worked on from previous years. (Most require accompaniments.) Some Universities require specifics works such as the 1st Movement of the Mozart Concerto in G Major. Other lists to choose from include movements from the Poulenc Sonata, Hindemith Sonata, J.S. Bach Sonatas, or solo from the “French Music by French Composers” book. Check the school of music website for specific solo requirements.

Not as commonly required, but some Universities do ask:

* Minor Scales

* Etudes

Next week, my post will concern careers in music. What can I do with a music degree and what kind of degree should I get?


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