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Upcoming High School Auditions


Auditions for high school band are coming up soon (April/May depending on your school), so it’s best to prepare for them now. Here’s a scale practice plan to help you. I mixed up the scales so you wouldn’t have all of the difficult scales on one day. If you have more time to practice, try combing groups to practice two groups of scales a day. For best results, play each scale 5 times or more.

For a 5 Day Practice Week:

Group 1: Full Range Chromatic, Gb Major, Ab Major, Db Major

Group 2: Chromatic, B Major, D Major, G Major

Group 3: Chromatic, C Major (3 Octaves), Eb Major, F Major

Group 4: Chromatic, E Major, A Major, Bb Major

Group 5: Chromatic, Review your 3 Most Difficult Scales (My guess is C, B, and Gb)

Always use a metronome as you practice. Each week, try increasing your tempo by one click, and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can play your scales!


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