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Tonal Energy Tuner App

Check out this new metronome/tuner app. Not only does it have standard metronome and tuner applications, but it has record and play back features as well. This app will show sound waves of what you play (which can aid in developing steady vibrato and correct articulation), and it has a Smiley Face to show you when you’re “in tune.” Who wouldn’t love that?
You can adjust the tuning sensitivity from beginner, advanced or professional. You can also play back notes with sounds of your instrument to help pitch matching or adjust the intonation to match equal temperament (standard piano intonation) or for just temperment (standard ensemble intonation).

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  1. Thanks for post. We appreciate your review and support. Please check out the website and the flute page. We will consider any suggestions to improving the page.Philip GeigerTonal Energy

  2. Thank you so much Philip. My husband is a band director who uses your app in class and loves it!

  3. Need a way to email

    My son uses this app for band to do pass offs. This app needs the ability to email files. He has to send pass offs to teacher.


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