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Flute Trills and Tremolos

Since it’s Solo and Ensemble time, I’ve come across a lot of trills and tremolos in our music. I thought these charts would be helpful to you. If you’re not sure of the best way to trill to a particular note, always consult the trill charts.

Flute Trill Chart:

Flute Tremolo Chart:

Five Tips to Successful Trills:

1. Practice trills slowly and evenly to begin with. Use a metronome to play sixteenth notes at say 100 and click it up gradually to 200.

2. Start on the note that is written before you begin the trill. Example: If you are trill F to G, play F and then start the trill. (Note: Depending on the time period of the music or grace notes preceding trills, the rules can vary. Consult a teacher for more advanced help.)

3. Make sure to keep your flute still and balanced as you trill. Small finger movements work best.

4. Write the trill fingering into your music so you always play it the same way and to make sure you are practicing it correctly.

5. Record yourself playing the trill and then listen back. You’ll be able to hear if your trilling is even, uneven, too slow, too fast, etc.


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